At 4pm my cell phone rings. It's Alexis and she wants to know if I'm going to Greek Peak.

I told her that my ski stuff was at home (20 min in the opposite direction of GP) and I had a 7pm massage. No can do.

I left my office a few minutes later and the 65 degree sunshine hits me. I got to my car, and found both pairs of ski boots and 2 pairs of skis. My ski pants and seasons pass were at home and all I was dressed in was a cotton shirt and khaki chinos with low-cut socks.

I called Alexis back and told her that I could meet her at Greek Peak in 30 minutes.

At 4:45 I was riding the lift in my work clothes, telemark skis attached at the toes of my Veloces with Alexis on snowboard beside me.

Conditions were quite excellent creamed corn. The best skiing was at Chair 4 where the sun was shining throughout the evening. Zeus and Hercules skied better than usual. Both are usually icy and bulletproof with steep headwalls. Today they were soft and creamy, perfectly carveable. T-turns were so easy in these conditions.

I ran into some friends, all beaming from the great spring skiing. One of them was also in work clothes, cotton pants and a button down shirt. I saw a few people in shorts and plenty of kids in t-shirts.

Got to my massage just in time, with my quads pretty worked. Didn't eat dinner until 10pm. Going to bed tired, relaxed and with a smile on my face.

Sometimes the best ski days are unplanned.
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