The new DST date gave us all the excuse we needed to sleep in a bit, and we
got the the hill at the early hour of 11:30.  Patrick hooked up with his ski
school class and daddy and Daniel headed off for 3 hours of Fox/Vixen, Easy
Way, S-Turn, with a bit of Porcupine and Practice Slope thrown in. 
Saturday's bit of niar had firmed up the upper reaches of the Double but
even a dull edge had some bite.  Lower down the intermittent sun worked it's
corny magic.

Daniel didn't seem interested in bumps or steeper terrain and I didn't push,
but by 3:00 I was ready for a bit more in the way of bumps and pace.  Conor
obliged and a romp down an edgable Gazelle followed.  We shadowed a big
group of tele folks, and near the sketchy top part, Conor attempted a bit of
mid-air turnage off a 4-5 outcropping.  Unf. the landing was a tad uphill,
and all his downhill momentum ceased upon touchdown.  A bit of a ooh and a
few gasps came up from the crowd and lift, as it appeared to be a bit
painful.  Seconds later he was chuckling, picking up his goggles, and
heading back down the hill.  We followed that with Canyon and then Slalom
Hill, hitting Periwinkle Bowl near the bottom one time and the recently
opened Tower 4 "cliff" the other.  

Kathleen's day wasn't done until 4:30 though, as Daniel was apparently
saving his adventurous side for his runs with Mommy.  She and he and Patrick
did his very first run off the Single and followed it up with another on the
very last chair of the day.  Both runs were Antelope->Broadway, both
non-stop.  Daniel slept all the way home, on the couch for two hours, was up
for maybe :45, and then in bed by 8:45.  He's one 3 y.o. who leaves it all
on the hill.  Daddy's all oogy and proud about it.  

MRG has lost some snowpack but coverage for mid-March is average and baring
too much liquid or warmth, should be all set into April, I hope.  Our
family's having an excellent season full of skiing breakthroughs and
memories and I'm hoping it'll last right into May or June.  Life is good.

-Jim B.

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