I don't keep a skiin' journal like the Poet Who Knows It, or an I-Pod log like 
that Plaid Guy. I just guess, based upon weekly ski routines, stone hut week, 
snow days, two vacations and what my usual ski partners have for days when 
this question gets asked. 

This part of the season isn't my favorite...I kinda like the early season vibe 
more than the spring vibe. In the fall and early winter, the turns are earned 
and powdery and the rest of what is in store is an spring, the 
snow is corn (when we are lucky), but the rest of this time it is usually mank 
and boilerplate...

I guess 60-65 days...a few more than scotty D, as he was on the disabled list 
for a bit and I made it out more times early on in Oct/Nov...

mostly at stowe due to my fancy stowe pass... plus a few night runs, a little 
BC hike and ski action, and a couple of early season MRG and stowe jboard 
runs. Only been to SBN once or twice, and I haven't gotten to Bolton or Jay 

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