I've dubbed our WoS class "Who's Citing You?"  You're welcome to use it.




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Subject: Chat: Web of Science class - What do you call it?


Hi everyone,

We teach a class on using Web of Science, unimaginatively called - "Web

of Science".  To many of our patrons, this means nothing.  We suspect

that's why so few people sign up to take the class.  When we describe to

groups what WoS can do, our class enrollment goes up.    


So, we're hoping you can help us rename the class in a more descriptive

and enticing fashion.  The teaching team vetoed my rather Victorian

suggestion of "Web of Science: The class in which we explore the wonders

of journal citations going forward in time and showing the impact of

said research on the field."  I can't understand why they don't like it.



What would (or do) you call this class?  Any and all suggestions are




-- Lisa



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