Hey Micheal,

I very interested in participating but I have a group meeting tonight at 7:30 unfortunately.  Keep me posted.

On 4/18/07, Michael Evan Karpeles <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hello computer enthusiasts!

Hopefully you can make it to tonight's (Wednesday) CSIT meeting in
room 367 at 7:30. We will be working on the CSSA website, exploring
php, and learning a bit of graphic design. We will also decide future
projects and see where to pick up next year. If you cannot make it to
the meeting but are interested in participating, shoot me (or the CSSA
mailing list) an email and I will be sure to send you our 'minutes'.
I'm sure everyone has tons of work to do for finals, so if you can't
make it, best of luck!

- Michael E. Karpeles