Thanks for hearing my comments,

At the moment, I'm really swamped with schoolwork, but I'd certainly  
be willing to take a look and play around with it to see if anything  
interesting comes of it. At the very least, I can point you at some  
web designers and design sites that really know what they're doing  
and can maybe give you some inspiration. Some sites, especially is great for getting a general idea for a feel,  
but doesn't lend itself to end-to-end conceptualization, which can be  
really demoralizing. I have a few sites that talk about design on  
both a very high and very low level which can really help in  
developing past what a web site looks like to what a web site /is/.  
( <-- Too zen for its own good. : [ )

As a word of caution on the color green; it's very, very easy to mess  
green up something awful. The old was a great example of  
Verybadgreen. The best use of green I've come up with was my entry in  
the CS department design contest last year, 
~nhusher/, which I think only really works because it's more tan than  
green. Anyway, if ever you find yourself at the end of a laborious  
design session only to come out with really ugly colors, check out  
both of these sites:

Find a color scheme close to yours and lift the hex values and tweak  
from there. Remember, good designers copy; great designers steal.