COME TO OUR NETWORKING ACTIVITY!!! and if you can,  confirm attendance

CS-EE Career Day has been set up for Thursday April 19th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00
p.m. in Votey 367.-CS Seminar Room-

   1. NRG (Wind Energy)
   2. Bear Code -(Software) Looking for a Summer Intern-
   3. Goodrich (Sensors and Fuel Systems-for CS, Mechanical and Electrical
   4. Microstrain (Sensors)
   5. IBM- Electronics Manufacturing/Testing
   6. Quimonda-DRAM Design and Testing-

They will talk about their career path and how is to be part of the company , if
they have interships or suggestions about how to apply for a similar job ,for example.

This is an opportunity to Ask questions, eat FREE Food!!! and most than all, see
if you like the company profile for future references.

Please, if it is possible, confirm your attendance to see how much  food will be
needed but if this is not possible, then just stop by and enjoy the activity!!


Gabriela Garay
CS Graduate Student Senator
CSSA Secretary
SWE Membership Chair