Kesha -

We are already planning such activities - i have cc'd Kate on this so  
she can clarify our efforts -


On Apr 5, 2007, at 12:17 AM, Kesha Kaleire Ram wrote:

> Hi DAC members,
> I have had a lot of outgoing seniors express their dismay to me  
> that, after putting up with construction for a majority of their  
> UVM career, they will not get to see the inside of the Davis  
> Center.  I know it would be a huge undertaking to give tours to all  
> graduating seniors, but is there something we could do to give  
> those that are interested the opportunity to check it out?  Maybe  
> during Senior Week?  Hopefully we can talk about this on Friday.
> Thanks,
> Kesha

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	Dudley H. Davis Center
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