We haven't had one of these but we sometimes get maps from utility 
companies.  The maps are 8 1/2 x 14 and cover the entire page.  I 
have told them that in order to leave room for my stamp and for page 
numbers I have to shrink it and the scale will be off but they don't 
seem to understand or care.

I guess I would tell them that you have to shrink it and the scale 
will not be right, unless they have a way to send you a smaller one.


At 03:07 PM 4/19/2007, you wrote:
>Our office recently received for recording  a letter from Agency of 
>Natural Resources (Steve Rebillard) regarding an exemption for a 
>boundary line agreement transferring land. Accompanying this letter 
>is a Vicinity Map which is on an 11x17 piece of paper, making it 
>non-conforming for recording.
>The map is stamped "Record Copy" and the letter specifically directs 
>that it be recorded in the Danville Land Records as required by the 
>Agency's rules.
>How have any of you dealt with this?

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