Heidi, Could you please add Winhall to your mailing list.  We so desperately
need guidelines for our cemeteries.  Thank You, Beth Jenks, CMC

Beth Jenks, CMC
P.O. Box 389
Winhall, Vermont 05340

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Hello Annette,

I will send you the last copy of our cemetery book, which should be 
updated this spring as we made some changes last season.

Heidi Racht, Huntington

Annette Cappy wrote:
> Brattleboro is in the process of establishing a Cemetery Committee to 
> do basically what most towns' cemetery commissioners do.  We currently 
> have no policies or procedures whatsoever surrounding any aspect of 
> cemetery affairs.  If any of you have any guidelines or policies 
> pertaining to your cemeteries that you would be willing to share, I'd 
> greatly appreciate your help.  It makes more sense to maybe 
> incorporate some of your ideas into our plan than to try to re-invent 
> the wheel!
> Thanks in advance for any help.  You can send any info directly to me.
> Annette Cappy
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