Knight, Terry wrote:
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To:  Listers and Assessors

PVR and NEMRC staff have just finished putting the final touches on the electronic Current Use reporting process.  NEMRC is planning to release this software sometime Monday morning.

PVR mailed the instructions to listers this morning (Friday, April 13th).  You should have your set in the mail on Monday morning.  Please read the instructions and keep them in your files.  They will provide the detailed information you need to download, review and edit your Current Use parcels and return an electronic response file to PVR.  The instructions also explain how to load Current Use values into your grand list and run reports, including the Notice to Taxpayers of Use Allocation. 

If by some chance you don't have your instructions on Monday, please wait for the instructions before downloading the file.  When your Current Use file is available for download, you will be notified via email.  The email, however, is intended only as a helpful way to bring the availability of a new file to your attention.  Receipt of the email is not an essential component of the new system.  After installing the new version of NEMRC and after reading the instructions, you may check for the Current Use file at any time by clicking on the Current Use download button. 

Terry Knight, Operations Chief
Property Valuation and Review
Vermont Department of Taxes
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Note new email address.

Hi, I still haven't received the instructions yet, have they really mailed them?