For many years Newbury has asked that all requests be made in Dec., prior to our Budget Hearings in Jan.  In 2005 we realized we needed more time to look at requests from social agencies and proposed budget requests from various boards/committees--- in order to give ourselves enough time to think and plan prior to the Town Report going to press the end of Jan. Consequently,  last year we asked social agencies to have their requests in a few months earlier, and the other boards/committees to send us a draft of their propsed budgets, by mid October. This gave us a little extra time to be better prepared for the Jan. crunch. (Typically, our Town Treasurer actually holds onto the requests in a special folder)

Alma, Newbury Selectboard

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One of my social service agencies has already requested City funds to be placed on the Warning for the 2008 Annual Meeting.  Is there any set time period on how soon prior to an election this request can be made?  I hate to think I have to start babysitting these requests until the next Annual Meeting preparation in March. 


Thanks for the help.