Hi Toni,

I agree with Linda Spence. We have always been told to record anything that
is presented to us. It is the person who is filling out the PTR that is
responsible. It they don't send a PTR with the deed, then it is refused. I
don't want to be in the middle waiting for the PTR to come back to me in
able to record the document. The lawyers get the big bucks for preparing it,
and they are the ones responsible. If the Town Clerk doesn't fill out the
part on the bottom of the PTR that we are required to do, then that is our


Susan C. Covalla



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Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007 10:27 AM
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Subject: Signatures on PTTR's



Many PTTR's are being submitted to the Tax Dept. without both sellers and
buyers signatures. 
I would like to remind all town clerks that when a PTTR is filed, signatures
by each of the parties or their legal representatives are required. 32 V.S.A
9606 (b).

To avoid any confusion in the future, I ask that town clerks please double
check PTTR's when they are submitted to their office. If they do not contain
the required signatures, please send them back to the preparer to be filled
out properly. 

I appreciate your time and cooperation in this matter. 

Thank You 
Toni May,Tax Examiner 
Vermont Property Transfer Tax