In Colchester we have over 700 mobile homes in four different mobile home parks. Although they represent 2% of the grand list they are 25% of the delinquent totals. We have a excersized the tax sale process but it is not very successful. Because they are in a park and the redemption period is a year they are not appealing to purchase. The park owners are reluctant to purchase at the tax sale due to the redemption period.

Currently, we use small claims court for delinquent mobile home owners. I can't say it is entirely successful. We receive a judgement but still have to depend on the mobile home owner to make the payments. If they don't we go back to small claims court and request financial disclosure.

Karen Richard
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  We have people who own trailers in trailer parks who have not paid their taxes.  I'm wondering how other towns handle collection of these back taxes?  Do you have written policies in your town in regards to this specifically?


  Christine Richter

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