Hi Anne - 

I do the same thing that Robin does with the documents I catch in time.  Sometimes I don't realize it is the wrong town until the pages for the Land Record book has been made, at which point I index it the same as a document for my town with Grantor/Grantee, type of doc, etc.  I personally do not believe it is the Clerk's responsibility to keep a record of documents returned.

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  Hi Anne,
  I would usually send the document back to the party that SENT it to me, not the " after recording" address on the document. I have had requests from neighboring town clerks, to send the document to them, if it's for their town, which I have done. Since you and I have discussed this many times, I am considering keeping a list of these WRONG TOWN DOCUMENTS for future reference. 
  PS You left your glasses here,, in case you are looking for them.
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  My name is Anne Gilbert. I am a real-estate paralegal and title abstractor.  
  I would like to ask town clerks a recording question.
  What do town clerks do if you receive a document, like a Mortgage Deed, that is for property in a different town?  
  If you record it, how do you index such a document?  If you don't record it, do you keep a record of what you did with it?

  Dorset, Vermont