It is policy in my office to return the document to whom ever sent it to
us when it does not belong in our city because the check is written to
us and we don't want to have to keep a log of what we endorsed and
forwarded to another town.  This way, when a discharge is sent, they
realize they need to sent to appropriate town because they know where
they sent the mortgage originally.


Works for us





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Subject: Recordings question


My name is Anne Gilbert. I am a real-estate paralegal and title
I would like to ask town clerks a recording question.
What do town clerks do if you receive a document, like a Mortgage Deed,
that is for property in a different town?  
If you record it, how do you index such a document?  If you don't record
it, do you keep a record of what you did with it?

Dorset, Vermont