I don't see a lot of differences between Office and OO. I've always used the
'right tool for the right job' philosophy. I don't' see a lot of office
style workflow management features or markup editing going on in education
out side of the college scene. Is it useful to implement those service if
students don't have the tools at home or if all those features sit dormant ?
Personally I don't think so.

Seems to me, if students are being taught how to use the software...
developing troubleshooting skills etc that tool becomes less important. Most
of the writing work I see students write in high school would be better
served by having them use notepad... Where they actually had to learn to
spell, use punctuation and not have sentences automatically 'corrected' like
this message I'm writing has been.

Seems to me like a whole lot of money has been spent to produce flush left
writing. Saw a teacher develop and exercise where students had to critique
an auto-corrected document. The assignment produced ridiculous results.

I've always wondered what some of the frills were for ? If we are teaching
students to use those frills, great. Those frills have a lot of power. If
those features are sitting dormant... $100 to fill basic word processing
needs seem wasteful.

Just two cents on a bright sunny day.

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> Subject: Re: OpenOffice support costs
> Here is my two sense on using OO vs Ms Office in schools.
> Pros:
> 1. Being that it is free, means students can use it at home also.   If we
> teach an ausome excel class and get the students hiped up on using it, but
> they don't have it at home to use it for their next assignment, then
> chances are what they learned will not get retained.
> 2. Most students don't have a legal version of MS office at home.  I am
> constantly converting from any number of programs, or constantly telling
> students to safe as rtf.    I have several more tech savvy students who
> already using OO at home because it is the closest they can get to Office.
> 3. No need to shell out $$ to keep the latest version running on all the
> computers.
> 4. If it is taught as spreadsheet and wordprossesor vs word and excel
> students will not be so overwhelmed by a different program.
> cons.
> 1. It is not likely what students will see post HS.
> 2. Not as many training resources available
> 3. Not as many frills as MS.
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