Chittenden Central Supervisory Union (CCSU) seeks a Technology Integration Specialist to assist teachers in grades K-8 throughout the supervisory union in enhancing teaching and learning through improved integration of technology. The primary focus of the Technology Integration Specialist is to enrich and support teaching and learning through the delivery of curriculum while strengthening the technology skills of students and teachers. Ideal candidates should work well with others, be skilled in team management, have a background in curriculum delivery and instructional design, and have clear goals and strategies for integrating technology into instruction in multiple content areas. Teaching experience and Vermont Licensure with an endorsement as an Educational Technology Specialist are also required. 

This position reports directly to the Executive Director of Curriculum Instruction and Assessment. The position has some oversight and teacher leadership responsibilities in coordinating teams, consulting on technology budgets, providing professional development, implementing technology policies and the CCSU Educational Technology Plan, and proposing learning opportunities for staff and students as they relate to technology. Successful candidates will not be responsible for maintaining the school or district Web site, monitoring and troubleshooting computer labs, maintaining computer networks, or providing technical support to schools or districts.

Responsibilities include:
* Collaborating with teachers to support their use of technology in delivery of curricula through a variety of instructional methods. In partnership, the Technology Integration Specialist and the teacher will work toward integrating the use of hardware, software, and internet resources in support of student learning and assisting teachers in meeting state and national standards for subject-area and technology-learning objectives. 
* Assist with designing a responsive and innovative model for K-8 technology integration for teachers and students.
* Coordinate and oversee initiatives and directions of other district Educational Technology Integration Specialists.
* Creating learning resources for teachers and students. These may include websites, tutorials, interactive programs and databases that support teachers in integrating technology. Ideally, teachers will be guided and encouraged to develop their own resources, while the Technology Integration Specialist will support these efforts by providing additional support as needed. 
* Structuring the technology education of teachers. Though the Technology Integration Specialist may not directly conduct all training, lab work or classes regarding computer use, he or she will coordinate instruction to meet technology proficiency goals. Additional instruction of parents or community members may also strengthen students’ technology skills, the ETIS needs to be willing to work on a flexible schedule.
* Consulting on the technology budget with the Director of IT, the Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and building principals, for computer resources, including hardware, software, learning resources and training needs.  Work with other Educational Technology Integration Specialists to identify budget needs/resources to enable best practice in classroom integration.
* Recommending and in some cases, purchasing software and related resources. 
* Identify trends in software, curriculum, teaching strategies, and other educational areas. 
* Assisting in the assessment of technology skill levels of students and teachers. 
* Participating with the creation, maintenance, and oversight of the integration of the school’s technology plan with various technology committees. 
* Participating in regional meeting's as CCSU's representative.

Required Skills
In addition to experience in related responsibilities, the applicant should have:
* A valid VT Educator license with an Educational Technology Specialist endorsement (3-42).
* Teaching experience. 
* An understanding of key learning theories and methods of instruction, and their relation to technology integration. 
* Broad knowledge of methods for integrating technology into the curriculum through both software and web-based applications. 
* Experience with effective technology teaching strategies for use of both software and hardware. 
* Technology skills in up-to-date computer software, including word processing, database, spreadsheet, web-based applications, presentation, digital video and audio editing, image processing, and graphics applications. 
* Working knowledge of the ISTE Standards and the Vermont IT Grade Expectations.

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