Hi John (and the list) - 

The PowerPoint presentation from the Cortina meeting is the first link
on this page:  

The actual template for the local plans (called the "Guidance" document)
with links to resources, submission directions, etc. is available at: 

Plans are due by June 30, 2007. If submitted by this date the plan will
be assumed approved and will therefore give you uninterrupted plan
approval for E-Rate purposes.

While we recommend trying to do a supervisory union-wide plan, there are
all sorts of extenuating circumstances so you are certainly free to do a
plan hat covers only Cabot. You'll see that on the Signature Page you
must indicate the school(s) covered by the particular plan.

Good luck - 

Bill Romond

Educational Technology Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education
120 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05620-2501
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Subject: Technology Planning resources

Hi Bill I just visited the vtcite page but did not find what I am  
looking for. Can you direct me to basic guidelines/template resource  
materials from the cortina workshop for proceeding with our tech plan  
update. Is the Due date end of June? I have been looking over past  
plans including our 1997 plan. Each seems to be a binder full of  
material. My plan is to try to do a scaled down overview plan of  
current state and desired state with action steps..... based on key  
areas such as acesss and infrastructure, support, PD, etc.
Our last plan was done together with twinfield, Does it have to  
remain a joint diistrict/su plan or are we ok doing a Cabot plan?