Are you aware of  You can sign up to receive an email whenever a new proxy circumventor site is created.  The address is:
When I find a site that is allowed thru Sonicwall I am turning them in to be added to their database.

>>> Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> 4/11/2007 3:31 PM >>>
Dear List:
I have the ability to block URLs
I can block URL keywords like proxy (blocks, but also [potential for unintended consequences])
My new strategy is that I can have certain words/combinations listed on a page trigger a block (PHPproxy or CGIproxy listed on the page = block)
Can't do that with filter or tunnel though, too many false positives ... but I am hoping the people who run these sites like to brag or at least mention which type they use.
below are some of the latest, only had one known student visit 1 site (turned in a faculty member) but all these were unblocked as of today.


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