Test Tube Zealots
The American Chemical Society Terminates the Membership of Chemists from Iran

        It may possibly bring Yanks some comfort to know that this irrational vindictive ACS action on behalf of extremists in the USA govt is not unprecedented.  When a nation is being persistently annoyed by an enemy (pro tem), highly irrational 'vengeance' is sometimes observed.  One of the most shameful in my country's history was in W1  -  a special Act of Parliament purged from his chair at my alma mater the much-respected professor von Zedlitz, tho' he was not accused of any sympathy with the enemy.
        What may be of some comfort is that in W2 some enemy aliens were allowed to remain at large because they were good farmers.  I know two of them  -  'Freddie' Hoffmann and Kurt Brehmer.  They had to report to the police from time to time, and were I think not fully free to travel, but they weren't locked up as were a mixture of other enemy aliens.  Hoffmann & his brother tried to join the Home Guard in their own farming district (Karaka) but were rejected by the local commander; they then joined the neighbouring Drury Home Guard!
        So if we could move from crazy "racist" victimisation to a reasonable policy (arguably a slightly risky one), the ACS might in time become more reasonable.  Lean on them!!

        I'm glad to see UCS active against the punitive irrationality.  Their founder Henry Kendall pioneered zero-defects technical criticism of nuclear power, and of nuclear weapons (which he'd earlier helped with in the Jason group  -  always allow people to reform!).  UCS does not exist for primarily ideological reasons, but is nonetheless worthy of support.