Of course it is possible for you to found a new chapter of Science 
for the People.

It is not only possible (in the sense that you might imagine that 
someone had to deliver permission) but it is required (is that too 
strong?) of anybody who feels the motivation to do so.

If you should want to call your group something other than "Science 
for the People", that is also fine.


>\Carrol's, Eric's, and Herb's information on SftP's history and 
>goals is fascinating.  I am sorry I didn't know in the 80's that 
>there was a group like this, back when I was in Anthropology at a 
>large Pacific NW university and getting kicked out for working in 
>Central American and Native American issues instead of big boring 
>papers that kept a safe distance from social involvement.
>So - is it possible to found new chapters?  Perhaps here, at my 
>university, Idaho?