>"PC worships non-whites, no matter how polluting they may be."

Mandi of Africa asks:
>What on earth has pollution got to do with race?

	My point exactly.  Starting a new coal-fired power station 
every week or fortnight will increase pollution for the whole planet, 
tho' admittedly worst for the Chinese themselves.  Their govt should 
not be humoured in this hooligan behaviour, but the West has so lost 
confidence in itself that it turns a blind eye, pretending that 
'people of color' are more moral than themselves.


>Developing world a growing cancer risk - experts
>   May account for more than half of all cancer cases in the world by 2020
>   as their ageing populations increase
>	Which award could that headline win?  It's true  -  but at 
>the price of being rather PinC.  And I fear the RSNZ hack didn't 
>mean it.
>	PC worships non-whites, no matter how polluting they may be. 
>The mercury and many other contaminants emitted by dirty industries 
>in the Developing world do indeed amount to a global as well as 
>local cancer risk as suggested by the RSNZ hack.  But PC ignores 
>such offences; instead the govt seeks 'free trade agreements' with 
>China etc while shutting down our own industries, and depopulating 
>the countryside to feed increasingly parasitical cities.
>	What the Ehrlichs have more truly called the 
>Never-to-be-developed world is consuming & producing more, but not 
>for its typical citizens (peasants).  Typical PC govts suck up to 
>the govts of China, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc, sometimes colluding 
>needlessly with their ruling elites.  Real foreign aid is rare from 
>overdeveloped nations e.g N.Z.
>	One of the few remaining virtues in NZ Green party policies 
>is opposition to 'free trade'.  But the main parties, and the 
>bureaucracy, favour these betrayals of our own livelihoods &