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I posted this information and the February stats to this list.

Lo and behold, I went (or TRIED to go) to that location today to get   
the stats for March and the button is gone. Is this a decision of  
the  list management (which is who, exactly?) or simply a strange  
and  complicating coincidence?


I just checked the mailing list, going to the archives, and found the  
button there and working. A couple of things may be going on ...

(1) The link has moved relative to the page. Try going back to the  
lists archive page and navigating down.

(note that the URL get's mangled by the names of the scripts that are  
generating these pages, so bookmarks are probably broken in the  
recent upgrade).

(2) The page may be password protected. Try logging out and logging  
in again to recache your access to this page.  (Several listserv  
functions are password protection with the (misplaced?) hope of  
cutting down on spam farmers.

(3) The next recommended step, alas, testing the process on a  
different browser or computer. Malware, etc, often affects browsers  
in unexpected ways ... so I never trust a result from a single  
browser or even computer. If it works in a different browser, I'd  
suggest backing up your documents, and then installing one of the  
adware, malware, etc packages and seeing if you can get your computer  
into a safer configurqation. (Myself, I have to reinstall windows  
about once a year, just from routine use ... and that's with  
antivirus, antimalware, anti-xyz software installed. )