Oaxaca, la cara del fascismo mexicano, sabado el 14 de abril de 2007
Oaxqca, the face of Mexican fascism, Saturday the 14th of April 2007

My sense of things is that the governor of Oaxaca feels he is losing his grip, which I believe he is, and that as the people continue organizing, marching, demonstrating and demanding his ouster, he sees no alternative but to up the repression. Here's the start of an item I just posted to my website:

The PRI vs. the People of Oaxaca, I
The PRI government is faltering
The people are winning

14 April 2007
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this page is at

      Friends, It is impossible for me to keep up with local developments here and to get the information out to you in a timely fashion. Unfortunately the local daily newspaper Noticias does not maintain a website that is regularly either up to date or complete. Thus even readers of Spanish who go to the Noticias website, at , can not be sure of being able to get current or past coverage of events reported in the printed edition.

      As it happens, the website right now has two reports from this morning's issue which, if I have time, I will translate and post subsequently. They are

"¡No te muevas cabrón!", le gritaron
"¡No te muevas cabrón!". Fue la orden que dio un comando de la policía preventiva que, sin mediar ninguna orden judicial, procedió a detener violentamente al consejero estatal de la APPO, David Venegas Reyes, del que se desconoce su paradero, Abril 14, 2007, at


Protestan por nueva detención de un consejero de la APPO
Simpatizantes y miembros de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) volvieron ayer a salir a las calles para demandar la destitución del gobernador Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, la libertad de los "presos políticos y de conciencia" y el castigo a los responsables de las detenciones ilegales, tortura y asesinatos, Abril 14, 2007, at

      A third report in today's paper on yesterday's actions is not on the Noticias website. To make it available in the same format as the item below, an e-mail, I would have to retype it and then translate it. The e-mail is posted on the Oaxaca Study-Action Discussion site at .  

      An e-mail I received yesterday is about the arbitrary arrest of a young activist. He has not, so far as I know, been released. More than likely they beat the shit out of him, as is their practice. There's no shortage of cowards ready to do Ulises Ruiz Ortiz's (URO's) dirty work of terrorizing ordinary people. And Mr. Felipe Calderon, dressed in his "white collar" facade of respectability, is backing URO to the hilt, two fascists working in tandem with a third, George W. Bush Jr.

Subject: "We also ask for international solidarity to break the silence in the face of so much repression"
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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 06:13:09 -0500
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