Several days ago one of a group of LaRouche "activists" approached me near where I work, near Government Center in Boston. I said something like "he's a government agent, we kicked him out of the anti-war movement decades ago". His answer (apparently a stock phrase): "what drugs are you on?"
Today, at the State St Orange Line station (Boston MBTA) I found a LaRouche "magazine" lying about. I was curious about what this lunatic was up to, decades after we kicked his "Labor Committee" out of SDS and his followers became police agents for the NH State Police during the Clamshell Alliance demonstrations at Seabroke.
He's still a lunatic, and now he has groups of LaRouche Youth Movement lunatics all over the place (although it would be hard to imagine that anyone with half a brain would buy into it...).
The tract was a reprint of an "international webcast" from January 11, 2007, predicting that "they" (his followers) had 3 months to get Congress to put the Federal Reserve System into receivership (bankruptcy) or (his followers) will go straight to hell.
I am not making this up. It's on page 12 of the tract.
The central theme of the tract is that we need a whole crop of new nuclear plants to solve the energy and water crisis. You see, you need nuclear plants to produce electricity to desalinate the ocean. The cover page is a beautiful, glossy photo of what I assume is to be the model plant. Three Mile Island.
Most of the rest of the tract is about impeaching Cheney before he gets us into another war. Assumedly he'd be better at building those needed nuclear plants (at Bectel) than at war-mongering.
There was, however, most of a page on how Dr. Spock turned baby-boomers into monsters.
People on the subway must have wondered what I was giggling about. And I'm wondering what drugs his LaRouche Loonies are on.