Okay-- a bit of traveling in the last few days, so I'll summarize quickly--


	Surprise cormorant at Allen Brothers marsh.  Posted two pictures


	Fox sparrow in our yard-- I got a couple pictures and posted them.


Pictures of...

	Turkey vulture hanging out at Springfield boat launch

	Eastern Phoebe near Springfield meadows.

	Eastern Bluebird hanging out at Charlestown (NH) boat launch

	Northern pintail at Charlestown (NH) lower meadows


	Tree swallows at Berlin Pond along with a red-winged blackbird


	Stopped by Berlin Pond in the morning to find a pair of 
ring-necked ducks and at least four hooded mergansers, and got the 
some nice hooded merganser pictures, including the best I've ever 
taken of one (I was trying to get pictures of some about 30' into the 
water when just after the sun hit the pond, one flew down and sat 
about 5' from shore).

	On my way home I took the "scenic" route, which means taking 
an extra 2 1/2 hours and swinging by dead creek.  Sightings at dead 
creek were sparse- the water was very high and muddy.  I did, 
however, see a rough-legged hawk hunting in the distance (I didn't 
post the picture-- it was clear, but very far off) and lots of 
ring-billed gulls.  The best sighting of the day was an American 
Coot, and I got the best pictures I've ever taken of one of those as 
well.  All I posted from Dead Creek were two of the coot pictures and 
a really nice mallard picture I got.  On the way home, I spotted 
several Kestrels hunting from wires and I decided to stop to take a 
few pictures.  I got a decent one of those as well.

Everything's up at

And the hooded merganser picture which is the best I've ever taken is at:

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