We went to visit the Heron Rookery on rte 7 today, hoping to get cool 
heron pictures.  As luck would have it, I got crappy heron pictures 
(there are several reasons for this, and they are all technical).  We 
did, however, discover that there are six active nests this year, 
which is really cool.

In our travels, however, we got two very nice sightings-- 1st, our 
first Broad-Winged hawk sighting of the season, in Marlboro, hanging 
out on a wire.  It let us stay and take lots of pictures.

We also managed to find a life bird for me: an American Woodcock (in 
Londonderry).  This was pure luck.  It was swaying about on the side 
of the road and I just happened to notice it, so we turned around and 
I got as many pictures as I could.  It was actually so intent on its 
swaying, bouncing motion, that it was starting to wander into the 
road.  We thought that seemed dangerous for it, so I actually made a 
point of flushing it out.  This is the only time I can remember ever 
deliberately flushing out a bird.

Pictures of the broadie and the woodcock (along with a flicker which 
just showed up in our yard before we left) are at:

And yesterday's pictures of quite a few local creatures, such as 
various yard birds (robin, chickadee, junco, titmouse), a turkey 
vulture, an Osprey hunting and diving, a Northern Shoveler (and a 
difficult to see snipe), a red squirrel and a painted turtle are at:

The Northern Shoveler and Snipe picture is one of the few occasions 
when I have two life birds in a single picture.  And I didn't even 
-see- the snipe when I was -taking- the picture.  Not a very good 
picture, but clear enough to tell.

All in all, a damned fine birding weekend.

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