Greetings, Birders:

My first trip to Berlin Pond this season featured Common Tern (1), 
Horned Grebe (1 breeding plumage), Palm Warbler (1) and Yellow-rumped 
Warbler (2), among many other species. I believe this is the first 
Common Tern I've seen at the pond in more than two decades of birding 
there. (Black Terns sometimes visit the pond in mid May.) I should 
also point out that after seeing the Common Tern fly by at 7:30 am or 
so, I was unable to relocate it the rest of the morning.

Today's complete list from Berlin Pond is at North Branch Nature 
Center's "Nature News" page at That page has become a 
fantastic resource (sort of like a blog) on what's new in nature 
around central Vermont -- from birds to butterflies to bryophytes.

Bryan Pfeiffer

Bryan Pfeiffer

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