I didn't get a picture of it, but I got my first sparrow this 
afternoon -- the exchange went something like this: "is that a fox 
sparrow?" "Maybe.  What does it look like?"  "It looks like a really 
big brown song sparrow."  [look through binoculars] "Yup.  Fox 

I also got some more common feeder birds-- juncos, goldfinches, downy 
woodpeckers, tree sparrows, song sparrows, mourning doves, 
chickadees, cardinals.

Also swung by the Allen Brothers Marsh in Westminster and was 
surprised to see two Canada Geese copulating.  Also got nice looks at 
Mallards, hooded mergansers and an eastern phoebe.

I got some -extremely- nice pictures of the hooded mergansers, as 
well as good pictures of some of the other aforementioned birds 
(goldfinch, phoebe, downy, song sparrow, junco):

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