Puttering around outdoors, I was struck by how closely several of the 
chickadees approached me and how intently they seemed to be observing 
me.  So I took some sunflower seed from the feeder and held it out in my 
hand, and almost immediately one of the Chickadees came out of the 
shrubbery and landed right on my hand briefly and took a seed. 
Unfortunately, my cat came strolling up at just that minute and the 
birds all scattered, so I didn't try it again immediately.

I've been in a couple places where these little guys have become 
accustomed to taking seed from the hand and approach every visitor 
looking for a handout, but the methods I've read for teaching birds to 
do this have involved long periods of time and great patience, not this 
instant acceptance-- and only a few feet from a feeder brimming with seeds.

What a thrill to feel those little feet of a wild bird on my hand.

I expect I'll do this some more!