This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for April 9, 2007 covering the period
April 2 - 8, 2007.


Highlights this week include two BLACK VULTURES flying over Rte. 7 near
Burlington on 4/8, a GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE near the Champlain Bridge
on 4/5, a EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL at Herrick's Cove on 4/7, four REDHEADS
on 4/3 and a pair on 4/5 at the Champlain Bridge and two off Grand Isle on
4/6, a TUFTED DUCK south of the Champlain Bridge on 4/2 and two SANDHILL
CRANES in Bristol on 4/5.


The first COMMON LOON of the season was seen at Lake Runnemede in Winsor on
4/8.  A PIED-BILLED GREBE was observed at Dead Creek on 4/2.  In addition to
the migrating species of waterfowl present in previous weeks, the first
BLUE-WINGED TEALS (4) were spotted at Dead Creek on 4/8.  On 4/2 two
RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen at the Champlain Bridge.


MERLINS were seen in Johnson on 4/2 and at Dead Creek on 4/8.


An AMERICAN COOT was sighted at the Brilyea Access at Dead Creek on 4/5.


A RED-BELLIED WOODPECKER was observed in Arlington on 4/4.  YELLOW-BELLIED
SAPSUCKERS, the first of the season, were reported in Huntington (4/6) and
East Clarendon (4/7).  A NORTHERN FLICKER was seen at Herrick's Cove (4/3)
and East Dorset (4/5).


 WINTER WRENS were back in Ryegate on 4/1 and Hartland on 4/2.


 HERMIT THRUSHES were seen in Ludlow on 4/5, Herrick's Cove on 4/7 and in
Windsor on 4/8.


A FIELD SPARROW was spotted at Dead Creek on 4/8, the first SWAMP SPARROW of
the season was heard singing at Herrick's Cove on 4/3 and the first SAVANNAH
SPARROW was seen in Brownsville on 4/9.  DARK-EYED JUNCOS have been
gathering at feeders in very large numbers throughout Vermont this week.


EASTERN MEADOWLARKS were seen in East Warren (4/7), Waitsfield (4/7 and 4/8)
and Dead Creek (4 on 4/8). 


Two RUSTY BLACKBIRDS were spotted at Berlin Pond on 4/3.