It sounds like the two-last-name woman was thinking you want an available
job or something.  Would you consider emailing her back and saying you
realize there are no open positions, but are wondering if you need volunteer
help with any stewardship tasks for a significant period of time, etc. etc.

I dont know, just a thought in case it seems like she thought you were
looking for an open position.

You could just email back and say "Thanks for your reply.  I know there
aren't any open job positions right now, but are there any opportunities
for volunteer help with stewardship or other projects?  I haven't seen
intern opportunities posted on the VLT website before so I was hoping I
could offer a significant amount of volunteer labor wherever you need it at
no cost to you.  I'm willing to offer at least 4 months of full time work if
you can think of a project or projects that I could tackle."

SHe already said no so you have nothing to lose.

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> I think most are so far removed from their food sources that we forget
> that death is part of supplying us with sustanance.
> Sue W,
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> > Still hard for me to believe that anyone could shoot a wood duck or
> merganser.
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