Hi all,

Beginning this summer and continuing for the next few years, I will be
doing a research project on fledgling warblers. My main goal for this
project is to see if their calls are species-specific. However, I will
also be looking at several other questions relating to these calls and
refining them as I spend time in the field.

I will be recording fledgling warblers throughout New England and
northern NY for the next few summers. I'm looking for locations that
have a good variety of breeding warblers (especially those in the
genus Dendroica) and are relatively quiet, without too much nearby
traffic noise. If there are places that are already researching
breeding warblers, that could be especially helpful, as they might
have nests and/or fledglings staked out. Locations with housing
facilities for researchers or campgrounds would be ideal.

Please email me if you know of specific locations in Vermont with an
especially good variety of breeding warblers. If they also have the
other helpful factors, well, then that's just perfect! Also, please
let me know if you have other suggestions for places outside of

Thank you so much for any help you can give! You can email me off-list
at: [log in to unmask]

Good birding,
—Hope Batcheller
Petersburgh, NY