I fully agree.  I believe that the best way we can help protect our species 
including birds is through conservation.  The preservation and restoration of 
breeding and wintering grounds is vital to the overall health of species and 
diversity.  Conservation is as important to birders as it is to hunters.  Both 
are looking to rich diverse habitats.  Also, hunters actively contribute to 
conservation thanks to the fees they pay.

Where hunters diverge from some birders is on animal rights.  While I 
appreciate the concerns of animal rights activists, I believe that for overall 
species welfare that birders are best served by creating allies with fellow 
conservationists including hunters.  We need all the help we can get to 
preserve and restore habitat.

There have been some great articles in Audubon and Living Bird on this topic 
over the past few years.


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  [log in to unmask] wrote:
> I agree as well.  Being a hunter of game birds in the past I had to learn 
>all about the habits of the game being hunted.
> We also need to remember that without duck hunters we wouldn't have areas 
>with abundant waterfowl. It was my early introduction to hunting that led me 
>to my passion for birds.
> Sue Wetmore
> Brandon
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>> I second Bill's response, in fact my hunting friends are some of the most
>> knowledgeable folks I know when it comes to bird behavior, and not always
>> just the game species either.  It's also my experience that they are
>> enthusiastic and engaged when I share with them some bit of natural history
>> they didn't already know.  
>> There are lots of missed opportunities for naturalists (of all sorts) and
>> hunters to learn from each other and respect each other's activities.  And
>> as conservationists, we can and should be major allies.
>> Aaron Worthley
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>> Jo, 
>> You might be surprised to find that many turkey hunters do not need your
>> help to find turkeys. They probably know more about bird and bird
>> behavior than you give them credit for. Open your mind and you might
>> find that hunters are birder's best friends.
>> Bill Barnard
>> Northfield
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>> Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Glen Lake, Castleton
>> For those who do not know, turkey hunting season,I believe, starts 5/1.
>> You might not want to help the hunters by posting their whereabouts on
>> this site??? 
>> Hope this is an appropriate post.  Jo Lafayette Burlington
>> Jo Lafayette [log in to unmask]
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