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  I suspect that I am one of the very few birders in VT who has ever spent
  a night in the police cells just for being a birder. My buddy and I
  (both about 16 years old) had hitch-hiked across Scotland to tick some
  rarity (I forget which) that had turned up at some scuzzy sewage farm on
  the east coast.

  After dipping on the bird, we found that it was getting dark and began
  frantically hitching to get back home. By midnight, we had run out of
  options: the pubs were closed, and the traffic was dead. Just then a cop
  cruiser pulled up, took one look at our shoulder-length hair and grubby
  appearance and decided that we needed to be taken into custody.

  No matter how hard we tried to explain it in simple terms, they did not
  seem to fully understand the concept of twitching. Anyway, they dumped
  us in the cells for the night. Next morning the cops put us on a bus and
  they paid our tickets. I guess they thought that the expense was worth
  it to remove such a couple of desperate characters from their town.

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