From what I heard on the links provided....

Ho-hum, yawn. Highly derivative and not particularly original. OK as 
a bar cover band and reasonable enough to listen to in that venue, 
but nothing that hasn't been done a thousand times before and often 
far better. And she's far closer to K.T. Tunstall than Bonnie or 
Janice or (gag) as one writer had the ludicrous audacity to suggest, Aretha.

As far as her carrying around a Baby-B, meh. A far more 
faithful-to-original B3 sound can be found in Yamaha and Korg synths 
that use digital samples of a real, mechanical tone-wheel B3 in all 
its 350lbs cherry-wood glory (feeding a real mechanical-by-god 
Leslie). The Baby-B was Hammond's so-so attempt to compete in the new 
digital synth world (with something that could actually be carried 
around by unsigned bands).

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