Michael's skinny skins had a hard time gripping on the steep track to
nowhere. He slid back, swore, fell, and broke a ski pole near the top.
Was it overkill, or was a 2 x 4 really the best thing he could find?

Here's about how it goes. The phone rings. I roll over, pick up, and
someone wants to go skiing. Often, it's Matt from up the road. In that
case, I get up and ready quickly. We ski out our respective doors,
meet at a trailhead and within an hour are skiing something like this:

Often, it's so good that we just pop back into my place for a bit to
refuel, then we skin for a second run. Never have we made consecutive
tours on the same mountain.

Sometimes, the phone rings and it's any one of my friends who live
within a 30 minute drive. On those occasions, I get up, make a big pot
of coffee and cook some breakfast. I could be waiting for any one or
two of about eight friends.

 But, I am waiting. Relaxing, looking out the windows and slowly
gearing up while they drive to my place, the starting point for more
tours than I should quantify. They bring their gear in, apply skins
and boot up in the comfort of my warm little ski shack.

We might be going here,

which is roughly a 60 minute skin from my door and all of 1500
vertical feet of skiing.

Or here,

Or, when conditions allow, we hit up an 1800 footer that starts out
something like this:

Sometimes, the phone doesn't ring. Those days, I wake up whenever and
take whatever time I feel is appropriate. I go and ski something
alone, maybe one of what's been pictured or maybe something totally

One way or another, I ski pretty much every day without driving
anywhere. I have a ski pass that accesses five different resorts, but
have not touched it in a month. Skiing has been too good at home to
drive anywhere but work - at 5pm, five nights per week.

As you might guess, I am spoiled enough.

To the point where the words "skiing" and "powder" don't exist without
each other.



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