I've done my fair share of postholing lately in the stowe bc. If I
took out my at skis I'd be stuck on 178 cm soft narrow (89mm)
inspireds. Instead I'm on 189 b-squads (104mm) with all metal high din
racing bindings. That being said I can't wait to get my hands on a
pair of salomon or look ripoffs of the marker duke (at binding, din

As for etiquette i think it is always better if the postholers stay
out of skin tracks. The skin track isn't much if any easier to
posthole up anyways. Lets not try to get snooty about having at gear
though, its a big investment not many people are willing to make. If
you don't want to deal with people screwing up your skin track don't
skin at a closed ski area. Find somewhere less used or somewhere with
a nice long approach. A lot of the people hiking at stowe lately look
like they would be completely clueless about any bc etiquette so good
luck getting them out of the skin track I'm sure the same goes for SB.


As lonely as the mountain can be, lonelier still is the man whose
travels take him away from the mountains.

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