Meanwhile, eo and todd f and I will get first second and third tracks down fis.
With the air like pea soup and the surface like clam chowder we ski on
feeling and instinct: feel the pull of gravity,descend until the legs
are compressed, spring up, freefall with gravity again, repeat the
cycle over and over until we're standing at the bottom, perhaps with a
tiny bit of smile on our faces.

Ride your lifts and by your second run every open slope will be
chopped up..  We three will get first second and third tracks down
Exterminator,  and the light will be better and the snow will become
light enough to rise to our stomachs.

Ride your lifts and we'll descend through the trees, getting first
second and third tracks down, playing with gullies and ridgelines and
wonderful surprises hidden behind evergreen boughs.

By the time you ride the fourth lift, you'll have to go off the map to
find untouched lines.  eo and todd and i will just head over to
Tumbler, where we'll be treated to clouds rising enough for a fine
view of the valley, after which we'll put the first second and third
tracks down the run.   The slope will be a blank sheet of paper.
We'll be able to choose how and where we put our signatures, taking
joy in the forgery of spooning each others tracks, or using bold
strokes to lay down three simple curves down an entire pitch.

Ride your lift again, if you like the used snow known as moguls, which
on eastern mountains pop up like little islands surrounded by seas of
ice.  We three will get first second and third tracks down Cliffs.
We'll really open it up and let the skis run, joking about
straightlining it to the parking lot, or we'll ski cautiously, feeling
the burn caused by spending too much of the season riding lifts.

Ride your lifts, I can understand the enjoyment.  But I also know that
by riding lifts at eastern resorts you will never get first tracks on
wide open trails on four consecutive runs.

And that is why I like skinning as much as skiing.

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