From the Free Press today:

"But just as the crew was about to board, the lift stopped on its own, as if to 
protest its fate. 

'C'mon, you only have to make it work for a little longer,' Friedman pleaded to 
laughs. With a grunt, the Single Chair started up again, and the four rode off 
to the cheering crowd." 

Well, not entirely on its own... as Daniel and I disembarked from lucky chair #7 
on our very last ride on the original Single, something in the tangle of daddy's 
legs and skis with Daniel's legs and skis caused one of my ankle buckles to 
catch fast on the bottom of  the chair.  A moment of panic as I imagined 
myself being pulled around the upper bullwheel left boot-first was quickly 
banished as the observant liftie shut 'er down.  We quickly disengaged 
ourselves and the Single quickly chugged back to life.  Dramatic pause, 
courtesy of Jim B. and Daniel B.  You're welcome, Eric F.!  

-Jim B.

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