Stuart: Pretty good synopsis. However, Haystack was purchased when SKI owned
Mount SNow. In fact, all though their initial quest was for water John Redd
and company did secure the permits and had done the plans for the
interconnect between MS and the Stack. It would have been amazing and would
have created a true destination resort in SOVT. Carinthis was purchased I
believe even prior to SKI. It may date back to the Fleischmans but m not
sure. And yes the Gladeiator contest was something/

On Mon, 9 Apr 2007 22:57:25 -0400, Stuart Cole <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Killington Ltd. bought Mt. Snow in the late 70's. By the mid 80's there were
>huge improvements in place, and improvements continued into the 90's, even
>under American Skiing Co. Lifts, lodges, auto traffic, snowmaking, all
>affected; as well as acquisition of Haystack Mt. and Carinthia area . Once
>ASC saddled itself with a staggering debt load, things started to go the
>other direction. First it was total neglect of Haystack Mtn.and the eventual
>sale of; and the increasing deferred maintenance at Mt. Snow. Much of my
>posting to SkiVT-L involved these Mtns over the years, and my 05, 06
>visits/posts mentioned obvious deterioration, distressing to me as
>Killington Ltd had really turned Mt Snow into a first class operation. In
>the Killington management days they would have pushed this season well out
>to the end of the month.
>      To those who appreciate ski area design and history, Mt Snow is a real
>gas; it set the standard for Southern VT areas for years. And yes, it has it
>all, for the Southern Greens: elevation, snow, steeps, bumps, glades, and
>its trade mark: big wide cruisers. And I mean wide, as in snowfield wide. I
>remember first coming upon Snowdance at the age of 10 aghast and laughing at
>such a wide open space of white, after spending all my early years skiing
>knarly narrow New England trails. South Bowl is also cool. And then there's
>Ripcord, the steepest in Southern VT, it was originally called Slalom Glade
>when first cut by Walt Schoenknecht, original developer of the mountain - he
>bought the land from a farmer, Mr. Snow. We can only hope the new owners
>have some smarts, and appreciation. - Stuart Cole
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>>>Wow, I must ski a different Mt Snow.  I'm not necessarily a huge fan of
>>>place as I'd much rather ski farther up north, but Snow is just under 2
>>>from my home and makes for a great day trip.  All that said, I didn't
>> realize it
>>>was so run down.  The lodges seem fine though I rarely go in them, and the
>>>trails are pretty mnad good for a southern VT ski area, as is their snow
>>>(though if Magic could cover their trails half as well I'd probably go
>>>instead for the better terrain).  I've had a number of fun days there and
>>>no real complaints.  Guess I go there for differnt reasons.
>> I suppose it's like the growth of a child. When they are yours and you see
>> them everyday, it's not as apparent as when a relative sees them after a
>> period of time.
>> As I said MS is a fun mountain but it is clearly run down. The Yankee
>> Clipper chairs are literally rusting and for an express lift it runs very
>> slow. In fact, the mountian should really be named Mount Slow. Riding the
>> chairs on the North Face is painful.
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