There's never an excuse for
>postholing a skin track. Unless you're a moose.

Haha.  Still no excuse in my book.  Unlike humans, moose will run if
confronted whilst postholing.  Partridge, however, linger and surprise you
but don't mess up the snow too badly.  Deer will drag their bellies in deep
snow, but unless you're a dog with an foul intestinal malady or even worse,
trained by a human, animals generally are in the know abot postholing and
snow etiquette.

side note:  while hiking from Underhill to Stowe and back on Saturday, along
the way I saw two skiers tending to a dog bleeding significantly from it's
left front leg.  Most dogs I've skied alpine with generally suffer and have
been a hindrance.  Maybe it's kewl to bring fido for your particular idiom,
but maybe there ought to be a post on how to kill a 3-year old dog in the BC
or how dogs should be trained to stay out of the skin track.

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