Bottom line, people and their dogs are going to take the path of least
resistance.   If that is a skin track, so be it.  
People are going to take the easiest and most direct route up.
If you don't want to skin where people are post holing,   start a new track.

All  you are achieving  is getting more people to think you are a nut.   
Laying down tracks in the snow, earns you nothing.    It might be nice if it did,
but it doesn't.    Maybe people who write in the magazines you read think it
should be the law, but it isn't.   Just because you ski in the woods, doesn't make
it off limits to dogs. 

If you want people to act a certain way, buy a track of land and mandate:
- no dogs
- no postholing in a skin track.

Other then on your property, you have no right to tell people how to ascend
anything. Etiquette is subjective.   I hate when people chew with their mouths
open. In my house, I can make that the rule.   When I go out to eat, I don't walk
 table to table commenting on how everyone is chewing.

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