Friday for sure...then hopefully sat or sun w/my kid.

We are on tele's, and I have a white helmet that makes me look like a "white-
headed zit" according to my pal S Danis.
Say Hi if ya see us!

On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 11:08:18 -0400, Henry Barboza 
<[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>In light of all this predicted fun, I guess I'm just going to have to go back to
>Stowe this week.  Me and buddy Rick will be there hopefully Thursday through
>Saturday.  Phat skis will be the rule.  Anyone else going to be around?
>On Sat, 7 Apr 2007 18:55:44 -0400, Scott Braaten <[log in to unmask]> 
>>3 day stake total is over 20" I believe.
>First, a quick summary of the past 6 days at the Mount Mansfield
>stake...remember these are 24 hour measurements and the NWS does four, 6-
>totals and adds them together.  I bet had this taken place at the BTV
>airport, the number would probably be over 40" measuring that way and not
>allowing for any April settling.
>Not bad. This morning it is lightly snowing in Burlington (flurries) but
>looks like it could still be accumulating in the northern Greens.  That
>train of snow showers is aimed right at Smugglers Notch and some of the
>heavier showers have been tracking right over RT 108 in the Notch (road west
>of the 'M' in Morrisville near the county line, for the out of staters).
>Short Version...Low pressure tracks along the SNE coast and ENE into the
>Gulf of Maine providing a period of accumulating snows late Wednesday night
>into Thursday afternoon.  Amounts in the Champlain valley look similar to
>the last event, and amounts in the mountains are currently looking like
>6-12" before the upslope machine gets turned on for Thursday night and
>Friday...totaling a potential, lets call it 8-16" from Killington northward,
>by Saturday starting bell.
>The models are converging on a track that takes a primary low up towards
>northern Illinois and Indiana.  However, with the upper level H5 low cutting
>off in this region, the jet stream tightens as it is forced south of this
>feature.  Once it gets past the upper level low, the jet stream winds
>diverge which will cause surface air to rise into the void left by the upper
>level divergence.  The net result is another surface low spawns somewhere in
>the mid-Atlantic and likely tracks near the SNE coastline, ENE, into the
>Gulf of ME.  We are again left in the cold sector to the north of the track
>(actually, significant snow is possible as far south as I-90 in the
>Berkshires and northern Catskills).  With liquid amounts ranging from over
>1" as far north as Burlington and points NE on the NAM (snow graphic gives
>VT a general 6-12" on this model, with a little more along the spine), to
>around a half inch on the GFS, we should see some accumulating snow even 
>the Champlain Valley.  The model output on both American models yields all
>snow for the North Country and snow above 1,000ft down in the
>Catskills/Berkshires/SVT.  The EURO, UKMET, and Canadian are all roughly in
>accordance with this solution so confidence is growing for at least a
>moderate event (widespread 4"+) with significant amounts (8"+) along the
>Green Mountain Spine and eastward.  Looks similar in some regards to the
>last system except the upslope snowfall in VT will only last one day instead
>of four.  Needless to say, if it snows 4-8" between 3am-3pm Thursday in the
>Greens and then upslope takes over late on Thursday, well into Friday, we
>could see amounts of over a foot by Saturday morning at the resorts.
>Certainly will not be like this last snowfall event, but another foot with
>no real warm-up before it means the snowpack will continue to grow through
>the end of the week.  I've been very encouraged by the past 4-6 model runs
>on this one.
>>And next week looks interesting to say the least as this latest storm acts 
as a
>>block and the next one will try to run up into the Ohio Valley before
>>another low forms along the coast and pumps copious moisture into an
>>atmosphere with sub-freezing summit temps.  Looks warmer than this last
>>system and I doubt valleys see any accums, but the overall set-up looks 
>>for another major high terrain (2K feet) snowstorm with snow levels
>>collapsing towards the end.  With total QPF in the 1-3" range, we could be
>>looking at a day or two of pounding rain in the valley but heavy wet snow
>>down to elevations like App Gap or the Bolton base village.  Time frame is
>>Wed-Fri for this one.
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