it's no joke, homeslices.  though it may just be intellectual noitabrutsam.
 (or i guess, since several people are involved, it'd technically be an
intellectual ygro.)

mr. frank bryan is the real deal, and really badass.  stellar thinker,
stellar storyteller--he's funny as hell and blunt as a gas tank.  the
foremost authority on the town meeting, most recently discussed in _Real

a link, for your perusal: 

and another, bryan on a website by an organization called vermont commons:

bryan is no tree-huggin', espresso sippin', hemp wearin' hippie--o heard
that professor bryan once roused a snoozing undergrad by pulling out a .38,
in front of the whole lecture hall.

plus, he lives next door to His Most Magnificently Crosshatched.  


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