Who skis trails on a powder day?
Today Rose and I skied the woods.  By end of day, my legs were dying.
What a day, SB rocked.  I am surprised by full the parking lot was, yet
where were no lift lines.    We were never disappointed on our runs down.
 Afterwards we hit the Alchemist.    

I know you hate lifts and the Alchemist, but those things make my world
go around.   I am comfortable being an odd ball.  

Skinning is cool, but it is something I don't have enough gear for my whole

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>Meanwhile, eo and todd f and I will get first second and third tracks down fis.
>With the air like pea soup and the surface like clam chowder we ski on
>feeling and instinct: feel the pull of gravity,descend until the legs
>are compressed, spring up, freefall with gravity again, repeat the
>cycle over and over until we're standing at the bottom, perhaps with a
>tiny bit of smile on our faces.
>Ride your lifts and by your second run every open slope will be
>chopped up..  We three will get first second and third tracks down
>Exterminator,  and the light will be better and the snow will become
>light enough to rise to our stomachs.
>Ride your lifts and we'll descend through the trees, getting first
>second and third tracks down, playing with gullies and ridgelines and
>wonderful surprises hidden behind evergreen boughs.
>By the time you ride the fourth lift, you'll have to go off the map to
>find untouched lines.  eo and todd and i will just head over to
>Tumbler, where we'll be treated to clouds rising enough for a fine
>view of the valley, after which we'll put the first second and third
>tracks down the run.   The slope will be a blank sheet of paper.
>We'll be able to choose how and where we put our signatures, taking
>joy in the forgery of spooning each others tracks, or using bold
>strokes to lay down three simple curves down an entire pitch.
>Ride your lift again, if you like the used snow known as moguls, which
>on eastern mountains pop up like little islands surrounded by seas of
>ice.  We three will get first second and third tracks down Cliffs.
>We'll really open it up and let the skis run, joking about
>straightlining it to the parking lot, or we'll ski cautiously, feeling
>the burn caused by spending too much of the season riding lifts.
>Ride your lifts, I can understand the enjoyment.  But I also know that
>by riding lifts at eastern resorts you will never get first tracks on
>wide open trails on four consecutive runs.
>And that is why I like skinning as much as skiing.
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