<>This is when the auctioneer/seller needs to "find" another chair to
>satisfy the 2 or 3 highest bidders, if that is even legal within ebay.
>Seen it done at charity auctions...
>- Bruno


I actually did that once at a UVM golf fundraiser maybe 7 or 8 years ago up outside Boston...two other guys and I were bidding on a personalized, autographed copy of a great Bobby Orr action photograph (b&w)--it's the shot of him flying sideways after scoring the game-winning goal in overtime back in the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals (game 6, I think).  The bidding progressed to about $200 for the one photo, at which point it occurred to me to stop the "insanity" and talk to the person from UVM who proclaimed to know Bobby pretty well. 

We explained our rationale as such...if we simply froze the bidding at $200 -- and Bobby agreed -- then UVM collects $600 for three photos, NOT the measily $200 for its coffers.  It was a win-win for everyone, as long as Bobby would go along with it.  The UVM guy felt he knew Bobby enough to think that he would go along with the scheme, and the deal was sealed.  Now I've got a beautiful, framed copy of that very Bobby Orr photo, inscribed "To Babs [my childhood nickname] Best Regards Bobby Orr"...one of my (very) few prized possessions.

I don't know ebay's selling rules exactly, but I bet you could do this "legally" via backchannel, probably as a "second chance" offer.

John B.


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