Jono, I was a little to the North from you: Proctor Academy, Andover, NH, '79-'81.

Here is the Blackwater ski area via NELSAP, as I remember it: 460' of vert, 3 trails, 1 t-bar, no snowmaking, we would help cut it back in the fall, and side-step to pack down the snow:
The trail to looker's left had a little bit of steep, and was fun. The whole think is about a 10-minute walk from the school.

Now they've got 2 lifts, 6 trails, an actual lodge, snowmaking, and lights!

I was never athletic. But you had to take one team sport a year (as opposed to, say, recreational skiing, or auto shop), so I joined the ski team. My junior year I was ski team manager--essentially a towel boy-type job. But the way it worked out, those years were terrible for natural snow. So the kids who signed up for rec skiing in the winter were stuck playing games in the gym, while I went to Waterville Valley with the team. The coach went off and trained the team, while I free skied... it must have been at least 3 days a week. On race day, I had to gate-keep. That was quite a deal.

Senior year, I raced. I was lousy, but that wasn't the point. The whole experience was terrific; I actually joined a team, and that was when I learned how to ski. I grew up in Europe and Washington, D.C., and my family would only go skiing a couple of times a year.

Aside from Blackwater, we raced at Pat's Peak (aka Pat's Pimple) in Henniker, NH a bunch, and probably Waterville. I know we went for school rec trips to Cannon and Loon as well.

>improved a bit from all the icy course skiing, too.
Ski the parc or ski like parc! Holy cow, one chilly race day at Pat's Peak the whole course was hard hard hard, but this one gate was utter and intractable boilerplate. It was my job to re-set the gate. Carrying the iron spud to punch a hole for the gate, in slick alpine boots. Every time I got near it, I slipped, and slid down the hill, trying vainly to self-arrest. With the whole team at the top of the hill laughing at me. We didn't have no big cordless torquey screw guns back then, no.

I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.


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>Avon Old Farms. Avon, CT.
>dated a girl from Deerfield. so did my brother. Deerfield is a notch above AOF
>as far as quality of education. it doesn't matter though- prep school is prep
>Eaglebrook- nice. private ski area. can't go wrong with that.
>don't know where Hoosac is...
>never raced against the big guys- CVA, burke, gould or the like. always
>wanted to see the big shots race, as a gatekeeper, though- i wasn't much of
>a racer. but i got to ski alot more than i would've otherwise. improved a bit
>from all the icy course skiing, too.
>anybody do any prep school racing? we raced agains berkshire, and other CT
>prep schools. did the finals every year at Eaglebrook or sunday river.
>Berkshire was the best school i went up against (and got spanked).
>anyone else race in the new england prep school ski league?
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