>I nominate any of our CT residents to see if they can't get the list Ski
>Council membership and benefits. There are a few clubs from outside CT
>in the council. Don't know if having CT connections helps or whether
>our daily virtual meetings and spontaneous on-slope connections would
>fulfill the Council's meeting requirements, but it couldn't hurt to find
>out, since the discounts offered to Ski Council clubs are considerable.
>I've got a local ski council club which gives me access to plenty of
>discount lift tix, but it seems more appropriate to join a club with
>whose members I would more readily choose to ski.

Here's the link to the CT Ski Council:


At the site, you will find a list of member clubs, as well as a list of benefits.  I would be happy to research further and report back to the list on my findings.  Anyone object?  Anybody else want to assist me?

John B.

John M. Babyak
President / CEO
200 Pequot Avenue, 2nd Floor
Southport, CT 06890
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